Unfortunately, determining you have a bad blower motor isn’t as easy as feeling the vents for airflow. This issue can come about from overheating, compromised bearings, rust, and other internal damage. While limited or no airflow is a common sign you need HVAC care, you should also watch out for these heating system red flags this winter.

Poor Airflow

Your furnace’s heat exchanger may warm the air, but the blower motor is responsible for distributing it through your ductwork. When this part wears down or begins overheating, due to restricted airflow, it will lessen the air coming out of your vents. This can decrease your home’s indoor comfort and cause your HVAC system to run longer. If the component is close to breaking down entirely, you’ll have no warm airflow.

Loud Blower Sounds

Blower motors can also make loud, unpleasant sounds as they wear down like buzzing, grinding, and excessive vibrations. For example, if the bearings are the issue, they’ll begin making a noticeable humming noise. The problem can worsen until these parts are emitting high-pitched squealing sounds whenever the furnace runs.

Circuit Breaker Issues

Blower motors can overheat or seize up, which will short your circuit breaker. This problem is often confused with a failing capacitor. To pinpoint the exact cause, it’s best to call for professional guidance. Make sure to watch out for any burning odors or smokiness that may indicate wires are melting inside the system.

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