HVAC service in Sonora, CA
March 14

What’s Causing My HVAC System to Smell?

A properly functioning HVAC system should not produce bad or unnatural smells. If you have been experiencing weird odors, it could indicate an underlying problem…. View Article Read More

Air Purifier in Sonora, CA
December 13

Reasons to Buy an Air Purifier This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and plenty of food. But they’re also a time when your home is likely to be full… View Article Read More

Furnace Repair in Sonora, CA
November 7

Learn What to Do When Your Furnace Flame Sensor Goes Bad

Newer gas furnaces now include flame sensors. The new sensors detect the flame and control the gas valve to ensure the gas line is open… View Article Read More

AC unit in Sonora, CA
October 20

What to Know About Inverter Air Conditioners

If you’re looking for ways to dramatically improve the energy efficiency and effectiveness of your cooling system, upgrading to an inverter air conditioner is a… View Article Read More

AC unit in Sonora, CA
September 20

What To Expect When Having Your AC Motor Replaced

When minor problems arise with the cooling system in your Sonora, California home, you may be able to resolve them yourself. Sometimes, fixing these issues… View Article Read More

AC repair in Sonora, CA
August 10

Is My AC Capacitor Something I Can Replace?

An air conditioning system can be a bit complicated for the average homeowner, but it’s a good idea to take some time to understand some… View Article Read More

Savings in Sonora, CA
July 20

Simple Ways to Lower Energy Use This Summer

In the hot and humid summers, it’s natural for you to want to keep your home as cool as possible, but you also want to… View Article Read More

AC Leaking in Sonora, CA
May 16

3 Factors That Might Be Causing Water Leaks in Your AC

Water leaks in an air conditioner indicate an underlying problem. Essentially, the condensed humidity stored in the drain pan is not efficiently sent out to… View Article Read More

Open Window in Sonora, CA
April 11

Can I Save Money by Opening Windows During the Summer?

Keeping your home properly cool during the summer can often inflate your monthly utility costs. You’ve probably tried opening your windows at night and turning… View Article Read More

Licensed HVAC Contractor in Sonora, CA
March 15

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Licensed HVAC Contractor for Your Heating and Cooling Needs

If you are like many Sonora homeowners and business owners, you are probably tempted to save a few bucks by hiring the cheapest HVAC services… View Article Read More