When minor problems arise with the cooling system in your Sonora, California home, you may be able to resolve them yourself. Sometimes, fixing these issues is as simple as changing out a dirty HVAC air filter or resetting the circuit breaker. However, beyond basic troubleshooting, everything else should be passed on to a licensed HVAC technician. This is especially true when it comes to damaged AC motors. The following is everything you need to know about having your air conditioner motor replaced.

There Are Different Types of Air Conditioner Motors

Residential air conditioners have motors that move refrigerant and motors that move air. Each is a critical part of an air conditioner’s operations. If just one motor fails, you won’t be able to cool down your home.

Common causes of AC motor malfunction include:

  • Overheating
  • Aging and general wear
  • Lack of air conditioner maintenance

Before giving you an estimate and starting repairs, your HVAC technician will determine which AC motor is having problems and why. HVAC companies use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. They also assess the symptoms that air conditioners are exhibiting. For instance, freezing evaporator coils are an indication that the unit’s blower motor has failed. If an air conditioner is still running but never enters its cooling cycle, problems at the condenser fan motor are the most likely cause.

Condenser Fan Motors

Condenser fan motors are located in an air conditioner’s outdoor unit. To keep these components protected from the natural elements, AC manufacturers seal their sides and ends. The most common cause of condenser fan motor failure is a bad capacitor. When possible, your HVAC provider will replace the capacitor rather than the motor itself.

If the condenser motor is irreparably damaged and its capacitor is still functioning and intact, the technician will replace then entire motor instead. When doing so, they’ll carefully measure the unit’s blade height. Incorrect blade sizes on a replacement condenser motor can cause the AC compressor to fail.

AC Blower Motors

Apart from the addition of vents for airflow, AC blower motors are similar to condenser fan motors. Blower motor failure is frequently the result of homeowner negligence. For instance, if you wait several months or more before changing out your HVAC air filter, dirty air that passes through the blower motor can block its vent hole with build-ups of lint, dirt, and other debris. These blockages cause blower motors to overheat and burn out.

The entire blower motor housing needs to be removed during replacement, including both the blower and the motor itself. This is a complex undertaking, and it’s important to ensure that the blower wheel is secured when the work is done. Installing a blower motor with an insecure blower wheel can cause a brand new motor to burn out quickly.

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