You might have noticed some yellowish or reddish-brown flakes in your heating system, on the outside cover, or perhaps on the inside components. Surprisingly, the furnace doesn’t use water like boilers and other hydronic systems do to provide heat. So, how could it develop on your furnace? Could it be a sign of a serious problem?

It might. However, it’s common for a furnace to rust over time, and it can affect the normal performance of your furnace. Here we will discuss three reasons your furnace is likely to have rust and what you should do about it.

1. Leaky Air Duct

Often, the furnace and the air conditioner are positioned on top of each other. So, when the drain pan that holds condensed water from the AC cracks or the condensate drain line clogs, water can begin to leak to the furnace and initiate the rusting process. A professional company like Comphel Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can help check the problem and replace the leaking parts.

2. High Humidity

Humidity is the amount of water moisture in the air, and it is the most common cause of furnace rusting. During rainy weather, water moisture can enter through the ventilators into the furnace and initiate the rusting process. The problem could get even worse when the air ducts have leakage in them, allowing moisturized air to reach furnace components. Seek assistance from HVAC experts immediately you realize there is rust on your heating system.

3. Gas Reaction as a Result of Combustion

The burning fuel in the heat exchanger turns into vapor as it cools down. When the liquid vapor reacts with any metal part in the furnace, it causes the rust chemical process to start. Although, with proper ventilation, the process can be prevented. If your furnace has ventilation problems, rust is often the sign of the problem.

The best way to avoid furnace rust is by carrying out routine furnace maintenance with a qualified HVAC technician. Comphel Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. will examine your HVAC system for signs of rust, clean the burners, and provide solutions to prevent rust from developing in the future.

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