If you’re looking for ways to dramatically improve the energy efficiency and effectiveness of your cooling system, upgrading to an inverter air conditioner is a great choice. Compared to traditional central AC units, inverter ACs can provide numerous benefits to both your bank account and your home comfort. To understand how, let’s look at what an inverter air conditioner is and how it works.

Understanding Inverter ACs

An inverter AC is a unit that has a variable-speed compressor motor, which is why you’ll often hear them referred to as variable-speed air conditioners. With a standard AC, the compressor motor can only run at full speed. This means it always cools at the same rate and always uses the same amount of energy. Even on mild days or when your temperature only needs to be lowered by a degree or two, the AC will still run at full blast throughout the full cooling cycle.

An inverter AC can slow the rate of the compressor motor whenever less cooling is needed. Instead of running at 100% all the time, it can run at anywhere from 1 to 100%. On extremely hot days, it will still run at full speed. However, it will only run at partial speed most other times to reduce the amount of energy it consumes.

Inverter AC Benefits

The energy savings you can get from an inverter AC is obviously the biggest benefit, but it is also far from the only one. Inverter ACs can also help keep your home’s temperature more consistent by running almost constantly at a much lower speed. This prevents the temperature from constantly fluctuating as often happens with other air conditioners. Even if the unit runs for hours at a time, it will still only use a fraction of the energy since it is operating at a much lower speed.

Another advantage is in terms of controlling indoor humidity. All AC units remove moisture from the air whenever they run. However, your AC won’t have much of an effect if your home is extremely humid and it only runs for a few minutes at a time. By running for much longer at a lower speed, an inverter AC will absorb much more moisture from your home than a traditional AC could.

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