Keeping your home properly cool during the summer can often inflate your monthly utility costs. You’ve probably tried opening your windows at night and turning your air conditioning down to save money. Although this may seem to be an easy trick, it may not save you as much money during the summer.

Potential Benefits

The best way to save money during the summer is to keep your air conditioner off as frequently as possible. Opening the windows at night may draw in cooler air without boosting your costs. It can also increase the fresh oxygen in your home and push out contaminants.

When your windows are open, turn your air conditioner completely off. Use fans to boost your cooling and draw in more air. Be prepared to close your windows early once the sun rises.

Potential Costs

Opening your windows can only save you money if your area gets cool enough at night. If you experience high humidity levels or outdoor pollution, you should avoid opening your windows. Letting humid air come into your home can skyrocket your energy costs and create an uncomfortable indoor environment.

The safest way to protect your family from the summer heat is to keep the home sealed and air-conditioned. Consider installing a ventilation system to save money and limit your air conditioning costs. Regularly opening the windows often presents more risks than benefits. Air conditioning is a necessary cost to keep your home safe and comfortable.

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